With over 50 years of experience, the Gabetti brand has written the book on real estate brokerage in Italy.

Here are the strategic phases:

1950's: Giovanni Gabetti founds the first real estate brokerage agency in Turin, aimed mainly at the residential market.

1960's-80's: Diversification of Gabetti's business occurs, with activities expanding to include real estate financing, projects in the industrial and office sectors, and expansion of the research department. Gabetti becomes a Holding.

March 1990: Gabetti Holding, by now the most important real estate brokerage company in Italy, is listed in the stock market, consolidating its distinctive approach of transparency and market orientation.

1990's: Through the Franchising project, Gabetti expands its network of agencies, ensuring an increasingly widespread national presence. The range of products and services is simultaneously expanded, with the introduction of new divisions and specialised companies.

January 2006: Gabetti Holding presents its new Business Plan, which outlines ambitious objectives and includes expansion into new markets related to the real estate business. It is in this context that Gabetti Holding becomes Gabetti Property Solutions.

March 2006: Establishment of Gabetti Finance, company through which the Group will operate in the sector of credit brokerage and promotion of traditional and alternative financial products.

May 2006: Gabetti Property Solutions acquires Abaco Servizi, company active in the management of real estate portfolios, specialised technical services and acquisition and disposal processes.

February 2007: The Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting of Gabetti Property Solutions approves the plan for the merger by incorporation of La Gaiana into Gabetti Property Solutions.

May 2007: It takes place the merger by incorporation of La Gaiana into Gabetti Property Solutions. The objective of this merger is the integration of two highly complementary entities operating in contiguous market segments, thus enabling greater diversification in the revenues mix. In fact, the service provider business is accompanied by a more sizeable investment business.

In November 2007, an agreement is signed between Gabetti Property Solutions and the UBH Group, organising their respective real estate franchising networks (Gabetti Franchising Agency, Grimaldi and Professionecasa) and credit brokerage business (Assirex, G.finance and Rexfin) into two new companies jointly controlled by the two Groups. Strategic foreign investment and brokerage activities are also planned in 2007 (Arab Emirates and Romania).

2008: the agreement between Gabetti Property Solutions and United Business Holding becomes effective, leading to the creation of Tree Real Estate, a real estate franchising company combining the Gabetti Franchising Agency, Grimaldi and Professionecasa networks, and Tree Finance, retail credit and insurance franchising brokerage company encompassing the Gabetti Finance, Rexfin, Assirex brands.