Gabetti’s new office in the Veneto region was inaugurated on Tuesday, May 10th in Mestre, a result of the collaboration between the Gabetti Group and Giampaolo Zane, already owner of a Gabetti Franchising agency and active in redevelopment projects with Gabetti Lab. The investment is part of the Group’s growth plan, which has always focused on a greater local presence, through the development of existing offices or new openings, which represent a place of aggregation and training for all of the Group’s companies and affiliates.

Participants of the inauguration at Galleria Teatro Vecchio 6 and 8 included Roberto Busso, CEO of the Gabetti Group, Alessandro Lombardo, Chief Commercial Officer, Tommaso Santini, strategic advisor of the Group, Giammarco Colombara, Franchising Manager, and Giampaolo Zane, Deputy Relationship Manager of the new office.

The Mestre office is responsible for all brokerage activities in the residential (construction sites and fractioning), office, retail, capital markets, and portfolio management segments, as well as property redevelopment and condominium management, credit brokerage, valuation and advisory, including feasibility studies and technical services (insurance appraisals, energy certifications and audits, etc.).

Mestre is a fundamental step in our North-East growth project – stated Roberto Busso, CEO of Gabetti as it represents a particularly lively and flourishing market. We aim to bring all our services directly to the local area, with the objective of becoming a reference point for real estate in the North-East for the many local enterprises and companies, not only with our offices in Padua and Trieste: we want to be their partner in order to secure the best strategic choice in real estate, thereby supporting growth of the sector. The collaboration with Giampaolo Zane, known on the territory as since 1985, aims to enhance the professionalism of our real estate advisors, our entrepreneurs of the network with a corporate profile, reinforcing their expertise with the know-how and services of the parent company”.


Mestre is the latest addition to the plan for growth of the network offices, namely the provincial ones, already operational in Piacenza, Cremona, Como, Lecco and Trieste, with upcoming openings in Livorno and Palermo.

In 2021, Veneto recorded the highest number of residential transactions since 2011, with 69,555 transactions, +30% against the prior year. The same positive numbers were also recorded in the office sector (1,499 transactions, + 29% compared to 2020) and retail sector (3,378 transactions, + 43% compared to 2020). The productive sector was positive as well, recording 2,091 transactions of warehouses, for growth of +46% compared to 2020.

An analysis conducted by Gabetti Property Solutions with the support of Strategy Innovation, spin-off of Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, indicates that of the top 500 companies in the provinces of the North-East by sales, Veneto is the region that recorded the highest value of investments in land and buildings. This demonstrates greater sensibility to real estate than other regions, also due to the highest number of companies among the variables examined. On the other hand, looking at the real estate stock of companies, the region with the highest impact (13%) of land and buildings with respect to assets is Friuli Venezia Giulia.

The number of investors deciding to focus on the North-East and on the real estate opportunities offered by this area is definitely on the rise. According to the data analysed by Gabetti’s Research Department with respect to real estate investments in capital markets, namely all those investments predominantly carried out by funds, asset management companies and, in general, institutional investors, the North-East generated transactions for a total value of approximately €690 million in 2021, higher than the figure of 2020 (€570 million). Investments in hotels contributed the most to this volume, accounting for approximately 50% of the total.


As we are seeing at the national level, the logistics asset class is attracting increasingly greater interest by investors in the North-East as well. Significant growth in the sector was recorded in 2021, which from only 5% in 2019 reached some 35% of investments in the area, for a total of €243 million. This result mainly regarded transactions in the various provinces of the Veneto region, with the biggest ones including a transaction of over €100 million in Monselice, province of Padua. In terms of investor origin, there is a predominance of foreign capital, especially from the USA.