Historic brand

Gabetti is a historic brand at the national level.

Recognition by the Ministry of Economic Development, reserved for Italian companies that have made and continue to make “history” in national entrepreneurship.

We have not stood idly by in the face of historic and social changes, but have strived to get ahead of the game, often even managing to be ahead of the times. This enabled a small real estate agency in Turin to stand out and become the first full service provider in the sector, thanks to its ever-present capability and a desire for innovation.

To promote the strategic importance of all historic brand owners for the country, we have participated in establishing the association “Marchi Storici Italiani” (Historic Italian Brands).

Here are all the steps in our history

Here are all the steps in our history

The advertising campaign
Keeping Italy stable

We celebrate our recognition as Historic Brand with a campaign that highlights our historic nature with two key elements that have always been important to us: being Italian and real estate.

With the claim “Keeping Italy Stable”, we proudly take credit for making Italy “stable”. Our activities contribute to the well-being of people, handling the buildings in which they live or work.

The Narrators of our story

If we are a Historic Brand, it is thanks to all those who live or have lived Gabetti. We have acquired precious testimonies from today’s employees and collaborators, from historical affiliates and from those who have lived Gabetti in the past and today are achieving success stories elsewhere. They are all our storytellers.

Those living Gabetti in the Company

The employees and collaborators who, among the many characters in our story, represent the human capital that sustains the fabric of our story over time.

Those living Gabetti in the Agency

Fundamental characters in our history, they are the enthusiastic ambassadors of our Group. Their commitment and dedication distinguish us from the others and allow us to form a Network.

Those who have lived Gabetti

Those who hold the company in their hearts and have experienced it as protagonists in the past. They are the witnesses of how the Group can make a difference in one’s professional and personal journey.