Gabetti Group < History


The Gabetti Group boasts a history of over 70 years in the real estate sector.

Established in 1950 with the opening of the first real estate agency in Turin by Giovanni Gabetti, defined by many as the precursor to the modern concept of real estate agency. Business diversified between the 1950s and the 1980s, with the introduction of real estate financing activities, interventions in the industrial sector for tertiary use and strengthening of research activities with the Research Department. Gabetti thus became a Holding for all intents and purposes, with a unique model compared all of its competitors.


  • In Turin, Giovanni Gabetti becomes the owner of the first real estate brokerage agency in Italy
  • Gabetti invents real estate documentation to govern the brokerage relationship
  • Opening of 4 branches in Turin and two in Liguria
  • The fractioned sale of sites begins, to mediate the interests of Turin’s most qualified builders
  • Gabetti revolutionalises the world of real estate advertising
  • Gabetti places the first mobile offices in buildings for sale, using campers
  • New branches open in Milan and Rome as well, with approximately 80 people employed across all branches
  • Gabetti finds new methods of financing, such as the “30-day formula”
  • Gabetti capital companies are set up to finance the buyers of its properties
  • Giovanni Gabetti transfers the Head Office to Milan and three new branches are opened in Sicily, reaching a total of 250 employees nationwide
  • Gabetti sets up the holding company, diversifies its services in all sectors and operates abroad in New York
  • Santandrea Luxury Houses is created, agency that caters solely to the brokerage of prestigious properties
  • Gabetti invests in the sports world, first in the Cantù basketball team and then Olimpia Milano
  • Gabetti creates the first spot of the sector, broadcast across all national networks
  • Giovanni Gabetti is awarded a series of personal honours: Italian and global president of the International Real Estate Federation, two honorary degrees and recognition as Cavaliere del Lavoro by Francesco Cossiga, then President of the Republic
  • Gabetti Leasing is created, for the purchase of capital assets by professionals or companies
  • Around 40 urban agencies are set up throughout Italy, in addition to the 23 existing branches and a total of over 400 employees
  • Gabetti Holding is listed on the stock market
  • Patrigest is created, company dedicated to strategic advisory and development
  • Gabetti OP.IMM is established, to increase the widespread presence across the entire country, with a network of franchised agencies alongside direct ones
  • Gabetti Holding becomes Gabetti Property Solutions and launches the Full Service Provider model, with the acquisition of Abaco Servizi, company specialised in property and facility management and due diligence services
  • La Gaiana, historic real estate trading company and key stakeholder is merged by incorporation into Gabetti
  • Tree Real Estate is born, bringing together the Franchising Networks: Gabetti Franchising Agency, Grimaldi Immobiliare and Professionecasa
  • The Marcegaglia Group becomes key shareholder
  • Wikicasa is launched, the first online portal dedicated to real estate agents
  • The system of regional offices is created with the Full Service Provider model, over 1000 agencies through franchising.
  • Credit brokerage company Monety is introduced.
  • Npls Re Solutions is established and the Astasypoint project is launched, for the management of Npls on the retail market
  • New positioning of the Group in sustainable living: Home Together, the biggest event in the sector
  • Creation of Gabetti Lab, company dedicated to development and management of the Gabetti Condominio and Gabetti Tec networks, over 1000 companies working on redevelopment. We are market leader
  • Gabetti celebrates 70 years on the Italian market
  • In 2021 Gabetti becomes Historic Brand and Gabetti is registered in the special register of historic national brands
  • Gabetti Fire Solutions is launched, providing consulting on fire prevention
  • AssicuraRE is established, insurance broker for specialised consulting in the real estate sector
  • Moon Energy is acquired, providing consulting on services linked to the provision of electricity, gas and related products
  • Gabetti Academy is established, the Group’s new training centre
  • Ruralset, an agricultural consulting and integrated real estate services company, joins the Group
  • Tree Real Estate becomes Treere, the services company of the Gabetti Group specialised in understanding and satisfying the requirements of agencies