Gabetti Property Solutions boasts a system that manages all strategic and operational phases of the real estate market value chain, thanks to a broad selection of integrated property services.


• Investors
• Private bankers
• Banks
• Asset Management Companies (SGR)
• Property Companies
• Prospect Franchising
• Developers
• Retailers
• Corporate companies
• Agencies, administrations and associations
• Pension funds
• Insurance companies
• Trade associations
• Construction companies
• Tenants


• Hotel, Hospitality & Leisure
• Residential
• Retail
• Industrial & Logistic
• Office
• Special Buildings
• Sports

Gabetti Home Value – New constructions and fractioning

Gabetti Home Value is the meeting point between the real estate operator, the market and all stakeholders involved in real estate asset development and enhancement projects, and it is the leading company in Italy in terms of volumes managed in the segment of new constructions and property departments.

  • Detail
    Home Value handles brokerage and consulting activities for the residential sector, in the area of new constructions and development of existing available and/or let buildings, focusing on the world of business and specialised operators such as: real estate operators, large owners (institutions, banks, insurance companies, real estate funds), builders and developers and institutional investors.


    Services for operators

    • Market analysis
    • Analysis of building or project
    • Project optimisation
    • Marketing strategy and positioning
    • Pricing and price policies
    • Sales plan
    • Commercial strategy
    • Operating strategy
    • Marketing and media plan
    • Report on activities and results
    • Management and administration


    Services for purchasers

    • Valuation and property exchange
    • Brokerage
    • Credit and insurance consulting
    • Interior design
    • Technical services (Check Casa)
    • Notary assistance
    • Legal and tax assistance
    • Management of utilities
    • “Cambio Casa” (Home Replacement) service



Consulting for the purchase, sale, letting and development of properties for office, industrial, hotel and retail use, and for real estate trading transactions, defining the strategies for the acquisition or sale of individual assets.

  • Detail
    Areas of specialisation

    • Office offers clients a tailor-made service of structured consulting and assistance in the purchase, sale and letting of properties for tertiary/office use in Italy.
    • Retail offers a mix of traditional and new services: from consulting to concept, commercial enhancement, assessment of location, merchandising mix and tenant mix, layout analysis and marketing. A single point of contact for both B2B as well as B2C.
    • Industrial & Logistics provides a complete service that includes sales, regulatory and technical consulting for landlords, buyers or future tenants of industrial buildings for productive, artisanal or logistics use. The properties in question are warehouses or industrial complexes, storage units, buildable areas or logistics parks.
    • Hospitality & Leisure supports operators and investors with personalised services in all phases of purchase or disposal of assets, up to the redevelopment or strategic repositioning of properties for tourism-hotel use or designated to become so: market studies and research, scouting activities and performance assessment, economic-financial analyses and assessment of market value are the key instruments used to identify the best commercial strategy.


Capital Markets

Capital Markets operates on behalf of Institutional and Private Investors, providing consulting in the area of investment property transactions and property development and in sales and purchase transactions, also through commercial beauty contests. The team provides consulting in all areas of the real estate market, with particular focus on offices, living, retail (shopping centres, retail parks, factory outlet centres and high street retail) and industrial logistics, with a strategic approach integrated with the other companies and departments of the Group.

  • Detail
    The department provides a service that coordinates all players involved in the deal, up to closing of the transaction, as project coordinator. It also analyses performance through the preparation of DCF, identifying the most likely market values and studying the best market strategy.


    • Analysis of initial pricing of the property or portfolio
    • Implementation of the best sales/acquisition strategy
    • Production of customised marketing material
    • Assistance during closing
    • Implementation of competitive sales procedures (commercial beauty contests)


Portfolio Management

The Portfolio Management Department provides clients with the best development strategies for their real estate portfolios, offering structured commercial services or tailor-made services defined according to the specific requirements of each individual client.

  • Detail
    Our team is dedicated to operators in the Real Estate sector (Asset Management Companies, Banks and Insurance Companies, Public Entities, Leasing Companies, Real Estate Companies, High Net Worth Individuals), for the purchase, sale, letting and development of properties for tertiary, industrial, retail, hotel and residential use, as well as to manage the disposal of portfolios.

    We are the biggest real estate agency in Italy, with over 1200 agencies in franchising and 5000 real estate agencies in the Group, providing full coverage in the services offered and in the management of instructions.


    • Analysis of the portfolio and business plan
    • Distribution analysis
    • Analysis and definition of the sales network
    • Portfolio Clustering
    • Strategic analysis and disposal plan
    • Rating chart
    • Marketing through brokerage networks of the Gabetti Group
    • Definition of marketing plan
    • Management of sales activities
    • Interactive reporting via web app



    • Extensive searches for residential or other space
    • Management of Check-in/Check-out
    • Corporate & Total Housing
    • Property and Facility in Total Housing



Santandrea Luxury Houses is the Gabetti Group brand which since 1977 is dedicated to high-end consulting for luxury properties in Italy and abroad. Purchases, sales and letting, private real estate, new constructions, top properties and short rent.

  • Detail
    Areas of specialisation
    Advisor: valuation and brokerage
    Private RE: enhancement of real estate portfolios
    New constructions: consulting and brokerage on property developments

    Valuation and brokerage
    Buying, selling or letting a property means relying on a dedicated consultant that can accurately manage the requests of clients, providing a detailed economic evaluation of the properties and identifying the buyers with the greatest potential on the market, to achieve the best economic performance for the asset.

    Assistance to Banks and Insurance Companies for the optimisation of their real estate portfolios or of the individual units of their clients.

    Assistance to builders and developers, through market and product analysis services, in addition to consulting and brokerage for newly-constructed buildings.

    RE Corporate Program
    A service designed for companies, entities and institutions seeking housing solutions for their managers and executives, with requirements based on logistics, letting standards and the limited time at their disposal.

    Short Rent
    Services dedicated to private clientele for management on a full outsourcing basis of highly prestigious properties.


Real estate franchising

Development of the franchising network is fundamental for the development of various real estate services.
Headquarters provides its affiliates not only with the brand, but also the know-how and the sales operating method.

  • Detail
    Our competitive advantage differentiates us from our competitors:

    • Strength of three brands, each with their own positioning and unique characteristics
    • Marketing strategies and communication campaigns, Digital Marketing and Social Media
    • Research Department for analysis and marketing of the real estate sector
    • Regular professional development, technical updates and a dedicated training program for professional qualification
    • Web application to manage agendas, collaborators, property portfolios and client requests and to access the Group’s services.
    • Agreement for: management of utilities, publishing, furnishing, tenant checks, virtual tours
    • Digital solutions toolbox: virtual agencies, web portal for the economic, social and demographic characteristics of the territory, digital pocket,, the wikicasa premium real estate portal and market report
    • Check Casa, a unique and personalised service to quickly obtain all documents necessary for a property transaction
    • With Moon, activation of utilities and transfers, installation of meters or new connections.
    • Assicurazioni, line of insurance policies for purchases, sales and lettings
    • Nationwide support through a team of skilled consultants
    • Legal and tax assistance in real estate contracts
    • With Monety, agreement with leading banking and insurance partners for the disbursement of mortgages and insurance
    • AstasyPoint, tools and training to become an auctions expert
    • Group synergies: collaboration with Group companies on the real estate projects of Institutional Clients
    • Ecobonus: tools, methods and training to manage redevelopment projects within a Green Team


Property & Facility

The Property & Facility Department manages and enhances real estate portfolios. It offers integrated property management services covering various designated uses (tertiary, residential, retail and productive) nationwide.

  • Detail
    Areas of specialisation

    • Administrative Management of payables and receivables
    • Tax Management of the Portfolio
    • Accounting Management
    • Claims Management
    • Management of Condominium relations
    • Administration of Condominiums
    • Purchasing and Procurement
    • Technical and Operational Advisory
    • Building Management
    • Document Management
    • Project Management & Construction Management
    • EPC/EPCM
    • Global Services


Audit & HSE

The Audit & HSE department provides strategic technical consulting in the acquisition, sale and management processes for each type of building.

  • Detail
    Areas of specialisation

    • Due Diligence
    • Document Management
    • Project Monitoring
    • Technical Services
    • Technical Services Sales Portal
    • Surveys and Areas
    • Structural Due Diligence
    • Certifications for sales
    • “Check Casa, Impresa e Condominio”
    • Building and cadastral regularisations
    • Energy
    • Environmental
    • Health & Safety
    • System & Fire Prevention
    • Environmental DD & Reclamation Management
    • Surveys of soil/subsoil
    • Energy Performance Certificates
    • ESG


Loans Services

The Loan Services Department offers analysis and valuation services for financing, refinancing, subrogation and monitoring, with properties and/or capital assets used as collateral.

  • Detail
    Areas of specialisation

    • Analysis and Valuations in the ABI Compliant banking sector, in the corporate, retail and small business segments
    • Judgments on the Compliance and Technical Rating system in real estate crowdfunding transactions
    • Insurance Appraisals
    • Initial Audit and Project Monitoring of real estate projects/developments
    • Mass Appraisal and AVM for credit monitoring purposes and acquisitions and/or divestments
    • Valuation of capital assets (technological plants and services)
    • Best practice analysis of real estate portfolios for credit recovery purposes
    • Assistance in the assignment/acquisition of credits deriving from tax breaks
    • Second level checks, in favour of the banking market, on projects and construction sites subject to tax breaks



The Group’s Engineering company with an overview of the comprehensive design, implementation and site monitoring.

  • Detail
    Areas of specialisation

    • Construction Engineering
    • Structural Engineering
    • Plant Engineering
    • Construction Management & Safety
    • Technical Audits Superbonus
    • Fire Prevention Engineering
    • “Gabetti Fire Method” Rating



Strategic consulting service in the investment, disinvestment and reallocation of real estate portfolios. Knowledge of the factors that impact value creation and expertise in the search for qualitative and quantitative information on the market are the basis on which we structure the consulting service, delivering clear, professional and customised documents.

  • Detail
    Ambiti di specializzazione

    • Market Study: Understanding the market is one of the most important prerequisites in the decision-making and strategic process. The key to generating competitive advantage very often includes comprehension of the key factors and market trends.
    • Research: One of the key challenges for Real Estate operators is to identify alternative uses for distressed assets. Patrigest proposes independent, informed and practical consulting on the study of new markets and of any topic in the real estate world.
    • Highest and Best Use Analysis & Investment Analysis: Enhancement is the objective. Among all of the uses technically possible, legally admissible and financially feasible, Patrigest identifies those which are potentially able to give the property maximum value.


The valuation activity is based on the application of universally shared appraisal methods, in accordance with the national and international valuation standards (RICS Red Book and International Valuation Standards, ABI Guidelines, UNI EN ISO9001:2015).

Through the strategic partnership with Fon Valuation Services, we also provide advisory and valuation services abroad.

  • Detail
    What we value

    • Self-Contained Buildings, Portions of Properties, Individual Units
    • Areas & Land (with or without building rights)
    • Development Projects (existing or potential)
    • Companies and/or Shareholdings
    • Trademarks, patents, facilities



    • Residential
    • Office
    • Retail
    • Industrial & Logistics
    • Tourism Hotel
    • Special Buildings (e.g. Photovoltaic plants, Harbours, Freight terminals, long-term care homes, holiday homes, etc.)



    • Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
    • Highest and Best Use Analysis
    • Transformation Value
    • Market Comparison Approach
    • Quick Sale Value
    • Reconstruction Cost



Gabetti Sport, the Group department dedicated to the sports world, works alongside Sports Associations, Presidents, Managers, Coaches, Players, Agents and Sponsors in solving property-related and financial issues.

  • Detail
    Services for soccer clubs

    • Analysis of the value of real estate assets
    • Assessment of the location of the stadium and/or training centre
    • Feasibility study or management of the owned stadium
    • Consulting on how to improve ticketing revenues
    • Brokerage in the acquisition of homes for players
    • Factoring on players’ contracts and/or other receivables


    Services for managers, coaches, players and agents

    • Analysis of the value of proprietary real estate assets
    • Consulting and management of real estate investments
    • Consulting and management of real estate disposals
    • Factoring of receivables

Private Banking

The Gabetti Group has signed key partnerships with the leading banks in order to provide private clientele with specialised real estate advisory services, not only in the residential sector but in the office, retail, industrial and hotel sectors as well.

  • Detail
    The service aims to optimise and increase the profitability of real estate assets through valuation, enhancement, management and brokerage activities provided by the companies of the Gabetti Group, full-service provider for the property market throughout Italy: Santandrea Luxury

    Houses, focused on prestigious properties, with a tailor-made approach; Abaco Team, specialised in due diligence, technical services, property and facility management; Patrigest, specialised in advisory and valuation.


We are the leading Italian operator in the field of sustainable management of Italian real estate.

Through a unique national network with over 1000 operators representing the entire supply chain, we manage redevelopment projects with the Superbonus, Ecobonus and Sismabonus incentives and guarantee turnkey projects for our customers, with the best solutions in terms of quality, reliability and timeliness.

  • Dettaglio
    We also ensure credit assignment thanks to agreements with TepEnergy Solution – Snam Group, Enel X, Prime Green Solutions – Rina Group.

    Areas of specialisation

    • Technical and Fiscal Pre-Feasibility
    • Project analysis
    • Definition and sharing of the project with the client
    • Pre-works certifications
    • Building works
    • Management of works selected by the client
    • Post-works certifications
    • Management of tax deductions and assignment of tax credits
    • Contract without variants during works and without discharge of liability
    • Ecobonus: tools, methods and training to manage redevelopment projects


Condominium Franchising

We are the first condominium administration franchise in Italy, with a widespread network counting over 20,000 condominiums managed nationwide.

  • Detail
    Areas of specialisation

    • Specialised technical training based on regulation 220
    • Specific training for personal and professional improvement, dedicated to the entire office
    • Management software unique, modular, native in cloud and double-entry
    • Partnership and direct collaboration with technicians and companies of the Gabetti Tec Network
    • Network agreements with leading Italian partner companies for services for the office, properties and households
    • Access to the EcoBonus project for redevelopment of properties, also through the assignment of loans
    • Since 2019, creation of a shared Suppliers Register to manage ordinary and extraordinary maintenance in the Condominium with centralised procedures and timing


Credit brokerage

Specialised financial consulting and mortgages for the purchase of properties, with a tailor-made approach, through subsidiary Monety. Home mortgage loans, salary-backed loans, personal loans and insurance consulting. The credit consultants of Monety work to support the clients of real estate agencies, in collaboration with the leading credit institutes.

  • Detail
    Areas of specialisation

    • HOME MORTGAGE LOANS: Wide range of products with the major banks
    • MUTUISI: Digital channel for online comparison
    • SALARY-BACKED LOANS: Loans backed by one-fifth of salary at advantageous rates, even for high amounts and longer terms
    • PERSONAL LOANS: Flexible and customised loans based on requirements
    • INSURANCE CONSULTING: Optimal insurance solutions based on the client’s profile


Insurance Brokerage

Through AssicuraRE, the Gabetti Group’s insurance broker, we handle all insurance aspects related to the Real Estate sector: we insure affinity risks deriving from real estate and loan transactions intermediated by the group, proposing technologically innovative products for the home and family.

  • Detail
    Areas of specialisation

    • INSURANCE POLICIES FOR FAMILIES TAKING OUT A MORTGAGE LOAN: These safeguard the family’s financial well-being and regular repayment of the debt, even in the event of unforeseeable circumstances.
    • RENTAL INCOME INSURANCE: These policies protect rental income against unpaid rents and service charges, legal costs relating to evictions and any property damage.
    • INSURANCE ON DONATIONS: These policies protect the purchaser of a donated property, and possibly the lending bank as well, from recourse.
    • MULTI-RISK HOME INSURANCE: These policies protect homeowners against all unforeseeable circumstances that could jeopardise the property.
    • DEPOSIT GUARANTEES, CAR POLICIES AND TEN-YEAR POST-COMPLETION POLICIES: Appropriate protection for construction companies against all risks that could affect the building site. We also offer the purchaser full protection, from guaranteeing their deposit to comprehensive coverage against construction defects.
    • PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITY INSURANCE: These policies protect professionals against the risks of claims for damages to third parties as a result of their business activities.


Utilities Management

Moon Energy, Group Company operating in the energy sector, providing consultancy and services related to electricity, gas and complementary products to the Gabetti, Grimaldi and Professionecasa franchising agencies. The service is also extended to other companies of the Group, including Gabetti Home Value, Santandrea, Gabetti Lab, Monety, Abaco and Patrigest.

  • Detail
    It is an alternative distribution platform for products and services in the world of Utilities, with constant selection and verification of free market companies such as Duferco Energia, Made in Energy and Iren, offering the best services for the supply of Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications and related products, with the implementation of configurable B2B and B2C solutions. The platform allows real estate agents and condominium administrators to independently activate and manage electricity and gas utilities, and it may be extended to other professional categories related to the sector.

International Alliance Partner

We are the strategic partner in Italy for Gerald Eve, international player with headquarters in the United Kingdom and another 9 locations, also representing an international platform that counts an additional 20 partners. A channel that provides the Group with a cross-border vision of real estate opportunities across all sectors and targets, an International Real Estate service that provides major benefits for clients in Italy as well as abroad, creating significant opportunities for all of our partners.

  • Detail
    We are partners of FON Valuation Services (FON VS), US-based company and department of FON Advisors, now part of FON Global Alliance, a network of about 25 associated companies also present in America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Pacific Asia.

    The agreement between FON VS and Patrigest envisages an active collaboration in the sectors of real estate valuation and advisory in the United States, in the various countries of the global network and in Italy. Patrigest thus joins the international team of FON VS as reference point for transactions involving our country and, above all, to support Italian investors and companies in real estate transactions on foreign markets.

Short Rent

Through Gabetti Short Rent, we manage, on a full outsourcing basis, highly prestigious real estate for short rent, and we enhance the value of large real estate assets belonging to funds, banks, insurance companies, developers and individual owners.

  • Detail

    Services dedicated to Investors and Developers for management on a full outsourcing basis of groups of units:

    • Design consulting
    • Interior design
    • Booking and Check-in/Check-out management via dedicated portal
    • Management of all extra and related services
    • Financial Management
    • Operation Management



    Services dedicated to private clientele for management on a full outsourcing basis of highly prestigious properties:

    • Design consulting
    • Interior design
    • Booking and Check-in/Check-out management via dedicated portal
    • Home Staging
    • Management of all extra and related services
    • Financial Management



Wikicasa is the Group’s investee web company that provides digital marketing and business analytics services to real estate professionals through, Italy’s leading real estate portal reserved for professional listings, agencies, published properties and traffic.

  • Detail
    Areas of specialisation

    • Creation of two specialised real estate promotion channels reserved for professionals: and
    • Advanced digital marketing services for real estate agencies
    • Software for “Market Report” real estate valuations
    • Big Data Analytics to provide sector reports to real estate professionals