Gabetti Property Solutions boasts a system that manages all strategic and operational phases of the real estate market value chain, thanks to a broad selection of integrated property services.


• Investors
• Private bankers
• Banks
• Asset Management Companies (SGR)
• Property Companies
• Prospect Franchising
• Developers
• Retailers
• Corporate companies
• Agencies, administrations and associations
• Pension funds
• Insurance companies
• Trade associations
• Construction companies
• Tenants


• Residential
• Retail
• Office
• Special Buildings
• Industrial & Logistic
• Hotel & Hospitality
• Sports & Entertainment
• Agricolture

New builds & Property subdivision

Gabetti Home Value is the meeting point between the real estate operator, the market and all stakeholders involved in real estate asset development and enhancement projects, and it is the leading company in Italy in terms of volumes managed in the segment of new constructions and property departments.

  • Detail
    Gabetti Home Value delivers brokerage and consulting services in residential real estate, both for new builds and for vacant or leased property renovation. Our services are designed for businesses and industry players: real estate professionals, large property owners (such as institutions, banking and insurance companies, and REITs), house builders and developers, and institutional investors.


    Services for operators

    • Market analysis
    • Property and project analysis
    • Project optimisation
    • Marketing and positioning strategy
    • Pricing strategy
    • Sales plan
    • Sales strategy
    • Operations strategy
    • Marketing and media plans
    • Activity and performance reports
    • Operations management


    Services for purchasers

    • Valuation and like-kind exchanges
    • Real estate brokerage
    • Funding and insurance advice
    • Interior design
    • Property titles and deeds (Gabetti Check Casa)
    • Notary and conveyancing services
    • Legal and tax assistance
    • Utility management services
    • Home move services (Gabetti Cambio Casa)


Agency Luxury e Top Properties

Santandrea Luxury Houses is the Gabetti Group brand which since 1977 is dedicated to high-end consulting for luxury properties in Italy and abroad. Purchases, sales and letting, private real estate, new constructions, top properties and short rent.

  • Detail
    Launched in 1977, the Santandrea brand sets the benchmark for Italian luxury properties, both nationally and internationally. With a blend of professionalism, charming properties, expertise and innovation, Santandrea has been offering clients the ultimate luxury real estate experience in Italy for more than 40 years. Rebranded as “Santandrea Luxury Houses & Top Properties” in 2023, it has partnered with Gabetti Short Rent Luxury Houses and expanded its core business to include a new division, Santandrea Top Rent, offering luxury rental properties.



    • Market, demand and comparable analysis with specially designed tools
    • Professional property photography and video, virtual reality tours
    • Dedicated real estate brokerage, assisting clients with buying, selling and renting luxury properties, both
      long and short-term
    • Curated national database of clients
    • Architecture and Interior Design services
    • Assistance with title searches and property records (property passport)
    • Property improvements and renovation projects to increase re-sale value


Agency Corporate

Our advisory services include assisting Clients with buying, selling, letting and maximising the value of office, industrial, hotel & hospitality, and commercial properties, as well as with real estate trading, by developing sale and acquisition strategies for individual and complex assets.

  • Detail
    Areas of expertise

    • Office Division: offering bespoke structured consulting solutions and operational assistance in the
      acquisition, sale and letting of office property throughout Italy.
    • Capital Markets Division: advising Major Clients in the acquisition and sale of real estate assets in the context of income generating investments and real estate development, including via beauty contests. The Team coordinates all parties involved in the deal up until the closing, serving as project coordinator on behalf of the Client.
    • Retail Division: providing a mix of traditional and new services, ranging from consulting to concept design to retail enhancement, as well as location analysis, merchandise mix and tenant evaluation, and layout and commercialisation strategies. A single point of contact for B2B and B2C.
    • Industrial & Logistics Division: offering a full-service solution that also includes commercial, regulatory and technical consulting services aimed at owners, buyers and future tenants of industrial property for manufacturing, artisan workshop or logistics use. Relevant property types include warehouses, manufacturing complexes, storage facilities, building plots and logistics hubs.
    • Hospitality & Leisure Division: providing bespoke services to assist industry players and investors in all phases of asset acquisition and disposal, and renovation or strategic repositioning of existing or future property for hotel & hospitality use. The most common tools used in determining the best commercial strategy include market research, property scouting and performance evaluation as well as cost-revenue, financial and market value analysis.


Capital Markets

Capital Markets operates on behalf of Institutional and Private Investors, providing consulting in the area of investment property transactions and property development and in sales and purchase transactions, also through commercial beauty contests. The team provides consulting in all areas of the real estate market, with particular focus on offices, living, retail (shopping centres, retail parks, factory outlet centres and high street retail) and industrial logistics, with a strategic approach integrated with the other companies and departments of the Group.

  • Detail
    The department provides a service that coordinates all players involved in the deal, up to closing of the transaction, as project coordinator. It also analyses performance through the preparation of DCF, identifying the most likely market values and studying the best market strategy.


    • Analysis of initial pricing of the property or portfolio
    • Implementation of the best sales/acquisition strategy
    • Production of customised marketing material
    • Assistance during closing
    • Implementation of competitive sales procedures (commercial beauty contests)


Portfolio Management

Our Portfolio Management division offers structured services and bespoke solutions for value realisation
and portfolio management optimisation to meet each client’s specific requirements.

  • Detail
    Our dedicated team assists major Real Estate players (AMCs, banks and insurance companies, government entities, real estate leasing companies, property companies, and high-net-worth individuals) in buying, selling, renting and maximising the value of office, industrial, commercial, residential, and hotel & hospitality property, as well as with multi-asset portfolio disposals.

    Thanks to being part of Italy’s largest real estate Group, with over 1,200 franchised agencies and an agent count of 5,000, it can provide clients with seamless integrated services.


    • Portfolio analysis and business plan
    • Distribution analysis
    • Sales network analysis and design
    • Portfolio clustering
    • Strategic analysis and property divestment plan
    • Rating charts
    • Asset sales through Gabetti Group’s brokerage arm
    • Management of sales activity
    • Sales and marketing plan
    • Web-based interactive reporting



    • Extensive property search (residential and other uses)
    • Check-in and Check-out management
    • Corporate & Total Housing
    • Property & Facility management for Total Housing


Short Rent

Santandrea Top Rent is Gabetti Group’s subsidiary specialising in corporate and luxury short-and medium-term rentals. The business model is easily scalable in the main exclusive and luxury holiday destinations.

Santandrea Top Rent provides dedicated services for investors, developers and private clients wishing to fully outsource management of their most exclusive short-term rental properties.

  • Detail
    The goal is to maximise the value of large real estate holdings owned by funds, banks, insurance companies, developers and individuals who choose to rent out their properties even for short periods of time through Santandrea Top Rent.

    Thanks to its extensive network of contacts, the company liaises with new owners to provide them with property management services for their exclusive, high-value, high-income generating assets.

Audit & HSE

Providing integrated technical consulting services at the assessment (Audit) and regularisation (Technical Services) stages as well as on energy performance, building systems, environmental issues, safety and fire prevention, with the goal of assisting clients with new investments and with their property management needs. Targeted consulting on ESG issues so that companies can assess the environmental and social impact of their assets and identify any areas for improvement.

  • Detail
    Areas of expertise

    • Due Diligence on transfer techniques
    • Systems & Fire Prevention Due Diligence
    • Phase I & II Environmental Due Diligence
    • ESG Due Diligence and issuance of ESG Level
    • Document Management
    • Document recovery from public administrations
    • Building and land registry regularisation
    • APE – AQE
    • Structural consulting (CIS, testing, seismic vulnerability assessment)
    • Certificate of Legitimate Status – Declaration of Town Planning and Building Compliance
    • Land Registry Certificates pursuant to Law 122/10
    • Technical Project Monitoring
    • CAD graphical and area surveys (Laser Scanner)
    • Millesimal Tables and Tables pursuant to UNI1020
    • Expert Technical Opinion (CTP)
    • Legal Due Diligence
    • Technical/legal services to support notaries
    • Technical rating in real estate crowdfunding projects
    • Technical services for the hospitality sector


Property & Facility

Featuring a full suite of integrated services with a proactive approach to the management of various property types (office, residential, commercial and industrial) across Italy. Dedicated and specialised resources ensure timely responses and streamlined management of the property, in line with the client’s requirements and strategy.

  • Detail
    Areas of expertise

    • Overseeing accounts receivable and payable
    • Property tax management
    • Administrative tasks and bookkeeping
    • Handling legal matters
    • Managing tenant issues
    • Condo property management
    • Managing vendors
    • Technical and administrative advisory
    • Building Management
    • Document Management
    • Project Management & Construction Management
    • EPC/EPCM
    • Global Services


Loan Services

Offering Integrated Valuation and Due Diligence services, Technical Analyses/Audits, Project Monitoring and assessments of percentage of construction work completed (SAL) with respect to secured loans and monitoring in the real estate and capital goods sectors. Second-level checks as required for building bonus eligibility.

  • Detail
    Areas of expertise

    • Valuations in compliance with the guidelines of ABI (Italian Banking Association) for the corporate, retail and small business segments
    • Due Diligence (technical, environmental, building systems) and Leasing appraisals
    • Insurance Appraisals
    • Initial Audit and Project Monitoring of real estate initiatives/developments
    • Mass Appraisal and AVM for credit monitoring and possible acquisitions and/or dispositions purposes
    • Valuation of capital goods (plants and technological services)
    • Best practice analysis of multi-asset real estate portfolios for debt recovery purposes
    • Assistance in the disposal/acquisition of tax credits
    • Second-level checks (on behalf of banking institutions) on projects and construction sites benefitting from tax relief/advantages
    • Analysis and valuations in the area of financing for the redevelopment of properties (green loans)
    • “ESG Level” and “Physical Risk” analysis of buildings used as collateral for credit exposures
    • Analysis and consulting in the area of loans to the Agri-Food Sector for both Authorised Banks as well as Lending Banks



Abaco Engineering is the Engineering Company of the Gabetti Group and provides Design, Works Supervision, General Coordination, Cost Control, Safety (CSP – CSE) and Testing services for traditional works as well as for tax incentives; Third-party audits and Technical audits for the building bonus; Fire prevention engineering.

  • Detail
    Areas of expertise

    • Civil Engineering
    • Structural Engineering
    • Building Systems Engineering
    • Construction Site Management, Health & Safety
    • Planning, Works Supervision & Safety in the Hospitality sector with the “SmartRe+New” project
    • Third-party audits
    • Certificates of compliance with building and planning regulations (as required for building bonus eligibility)
    • Fire Safety Engineering
    • Proprietary fire protection rating system (“Metodo Gabetti Fire”)


Private Banking

Gabetti Group has partnered with leading banking institutions to provide private banking clients with targeted advice for maximising the value of their real estate holdings in the residential as well as office, retail, industrial and hotel & hospitality market segments.

  • Detail
    Our service is designed to maximise value and increase returns on real estate assets, thanks to the combined expertise in property valuation, management and brokerage contributed by Gabetti Group, a full-service provider of real estate services across the country, and its subsidiaries: Santandrea Luxury Houses & Top Properties, offering bespoke solutions in the luxury segment; Abaco Team, specialising in due diligence, technical services, and property & facility management; and Patrigest, providing property advisory and valuation services.

    Market segments

    • Residential
    • Office
    • Retail
    • Hotel & Hospitality
    • Industrial



    • Valuation
    • Asset value optimisation
    • Sales and lettings
    • Technical services


Offering strategic consulting services focused on creating value through property asset management. Our services, and the clear, bespoke reports we produce, are built on our knowledge of the key factors driving value creation and our propensity for researching qualitative and quantitative market data.

  • Detail
    Areas of expertise

    • Market Study: Understanding the market is one of the fundamental prerequisites for decision-making and strategic planning. Very often a solid understanding of key factors and market trends is crucial to gaining a competitive advantage.
    • Highest and Best Use Analysis & Investment Analysis: The goal is value creation. Among all technically viable, legally admissible and financially sustainable alternatives, Patrigest will determine the best uses for a given property, potentially resulting in the highest value creation.
    • Research: One of the biggest challenges in Real Estate is finding alternative uses for poorly performing property assets. Patrigest offers independent, practical, expert advice on new markets and any other real estate matter.
    • Portfolio Assessment: Assessing the health of a portfolio is crucial to selecting the best management, optimisation and disposal strategies. After running a portfolio health check, Patrigest will develop an action plan for maximising its performance over time.


Offering independent expert valuations for AMCs (SGR) and fixed-capital investment companies (SICAF); valuations as required by the insurance regulatory authority (IVASS); business valuations for debt restructuring agreements; valuations for corporate loans; appraisals of transfers-in-kind and transferred receiables (pursuanto to art. 2465,); property valuations for insurance purposes; valuations for crowdfunding projects; valuations for loans backed by real estate collateral; NPL and UTP portfolios.

Patrigest provides valuation and advisory services abroad through its strategic partnership with Fon Valuation Services.

  • Detail
    Property Types

    • Buildings, portions of buildings, and building units
    • Plots and land (with or without development rights)
    • Development projects (existing or potential)
    • Businesses and equity interests
    • Plants and machinery, trademarks and patents
    • Companies
    • Loans (NPE) with underlying real estate


    Market Segments

    • Residential
    • Office
    • Retail
    • Industrial & Logistics
    • Hotel & Hospitality
    • Special buildings (e.g., solar farms, ports, intermodal freight terminals, assisted senior living, and holiday rentals)

Consulenza Agronomica

Through Ruralset, agricultural consulting company of the Gabetti Group, we provide integrated real estate services to support economic operators in rural areas and develop the agricultural sector.

  • Detail
    We satisfy the requirements of the agricultural world through high-standard technical, valuation, brokerage and training services, using data, advanced technology, innovation and a focus on sustainability.


    • Transactions involving farms, livestock companies, forestry, agro-industries, farmland, rural real estate portfolios
    • Leases of business branches
    • Letting of buildings/land
    • Companies and/or Shareholdings
    • Search for land or farms to let or for sale


    Agricolture Consulting

    • Consulting to define cultivation plans:
      – Assistance with the start-up of new agricultural activities
      – Assistance in the introduction of new crops
      – Mechanisation projects
      – Conversion to organic farming
      – Cultivation of medicinal herbs and small fruits
      – Insect breeding
      – Vertical farming
      – Acquisition of areas for BES (equitable & sustainable well-being)
      – Digitisation of agricultural and livestock holdings (ReCCo)
    • Drafting and presentation of SGR Tenders
    • Farm Management
    • Rural Development
    • Training


    Valuation Consulting

    • Valuation of Portfolios of Farming and Forestry Assets
    • Valuation of Farming and Forestry Companies
    • Farm Loans


    Technical Services

    • Rural Due Diligence
    • Appraisals for Tenders (for lending bank)
    • Appraisals for Banks/Leasing
    • Appraisals and estimates for damages
    • Expropriations for public utility
    • CTU/CTP
      – Real estate divisions
      – Land easements


    Logo Ruralset

Real Estate & Sports Management

Gabetti Sport provides innovative real estate and management solutions specific to the sports world, adding value to the management of sports clubs and to the life of athletes, through the Gabetti Group’s distinctive full service provider approach.

  • Detail
    Real Estate
    Real estate services and consulting, providing all of the Gabetti Group’s expertise to satisfy every requirement and asset class:

    • Purchases and sales
    • Lettings
    • Real estate portfolio management
    • Personal financial instruments
    • Short Rent


    Development and Management of Sports Facilities
    Strategic consulting for the technical and economic enhancement and redevelopment of the sports facilities of professional sports clubs, amateur sports associations and municipalities. Property and facility management services for the management of sports facilities.

    • Pre-feasibility study
    • Project Financing
    • Property and Facility


    Sports Events
    Organisation and management of sports events for clubs, federations, leagues, municipalities, athletic associations and private entities. Management of institutional relationships and coordination of all ordinary facilities & utilities activities necessary to hold the event.

    • Search for location / Sports facility
    • Relations with local entities
    • Event organisation and management
    • Sponsor search


    Athletes’ Second Career
    Consulting for professional athletes with a view to creating or increasing their personal brand value, through the development of a career outside of the sports world.

    • Real estate services
    • Development of business model
    • Financial and insurance services
    • Tax and legal issues
    • Image rights
    • Training


    Temporary Management
    Management consulting for professional soccer clubs, with general management of the club and analysis of the factors to increase brand value, including through the analysis of the sports business model and the search for new partners/sponsors.

    • General management of the club
    • Business analysis and optimisation
    • Sponsor search

International Partner

Gabetti Group is the strategic partner of Gerald Eve in Italy and has developed a close collaboration with the group over the years, working together to offer cross-border real estate solutions.

  • Detail
    Gerald Eve is part of Newmark, a commercial real estate services company with headquarters in New York, and is constantly expanding its presence on the global markets. Thanks to access to Gerald Eve and its international platform, Gabetti collaborates with professionals in Europe and in the United States.

    Gerald Eve is based in the United Kingdom and specialises in consulting services and transactions through its 9 locations.

    Areas of expertise

    • Agency
    • Lease Consultancy
    • Building Consultancy
    • Facility Management
    • Capital Markets
    • Property & Asset Management
    • Client Accounting & Database
    • Valuations (Rics accredited)
    • Business Rates
    • Planning & Development
    • Corporate Finance


Real Estate Franchising

Developing our franchise network is central to the development of our real estate services.
The Group provides the franchisees’ use of the brand name as well as providing them with know-how and proprietary operating procedures.

  • Detail
    Our competitive advantage differentiates us from our competitors:

    • Strength of three brands, each with their own positioning and unique characteristics
    • Marketing strategies and communication campaigns, Digital Marketing and Social Media
    • Research Department analysing and monitoring real estate markets
    • Continuous training, technical updates and a dedicated training pathway for professionals seeking certification
    • Gestionale, a web app for managing calendars, employees, property portfolios, client requests and for accessing Group services
    • Toolbox, digital suite of tools and conventions: agency administrative software, the most popular real estate portals, market reports, tools for customer surveys, electronic signature for official forms, apps and services that optimise on AI, VR and AR
    • With Treere, the Group’s services company, access to services, tools and qualified training
    • Moon, offering utilities (electricity and gas) set-up and transfer services as well as meter installations and services for new premises
    • AssicuraRE, insurance solutions for home buyers and renters
    • Trained consultants offering on-site assistance
    • Legal and tax advice on property transactions
    • Monety, a framework agreement with leading banking and insurance institutions
    • Group synergies on institutional clients’ real estate projects

Financial & Insurance Services

Monety offers financial advice and tailor-made mortgages for the purchase of real estate, including services such as home mortgages, personal loans and insurance advice.
Assicurare offers tailor-made insurance solutions in the real estate sector, with the aim of protecting the investments of families who rely on Gabetti.

  • Detail
    Offering bespoke specialist financial advice and mortgages through the Monety subsidiary. Home mortgages, salary-backed loans, personal loans and insurance advice. Monety’s financial advisors work with real estate agency clients and major banking institutions.

    Areas of expertise

    • HOME MORTGAGES: Offering a range of bank mortgages
    • MUTUISI: Mortgage comparison portal
    • SALARY-BACKED LOAN: Deducted monthly by 1/5, offering good loan rates even for high amounts and longer repayment terms
    • PERSONAL LOANS: Bespoke affordable loans
    • INSURANCE CONSULTING: Insurance solutions tailored to the customer’s needs



    The captive Broker of the Gabetti Group provides a wide range of solutions dedicated to Property and Real Estate. Tailor-made policies selected to make every real estate deal increasingly safe and convenient. AssicuraRE is the point of reference for risks and protection. Our objective is the ensure a protected real estate investment for all individuals and households that place their trust in the Gabetti Group.

    Areas of expertise

    • MORTGAGE PROTECTION INSURANCE COVERING FAMILY HOMES: Help protect a family’s well-being, by paying the outstanding amount on a mortgage in case of unforeseen events.
    • RENT GUARANTEE INSURANCE: Covers a landlord’s rental income if tenants are unable to pay, as well as condo common charges, eviction
      legal fees and possible damage to the property.
    • GIFTED PROPERTY INSURANCE/LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT: Covers buyers of gifted property, and possibly the mortgage lender, when the donor’s heirs contest the gift.
    • MULTI-RISK HOME INSURANCE: Protects homeowners from unexpected damage to their property, that may damage the real estate asset.
    • PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITY INSURANCE: Protects professionals from claims for damages caused to third parties in connection with their work.
    • DOWN PAYMENT GUARANTEE, CAR INSURANCE AND TEN-YEAR DEFECT INSURANCE: Liability insurance for contractors, covering all risks they may face; in addition, we offer comprehensive protection for homebuyers’ down payments and coverage for construction defects.
    • COMPREHENSIVE BUILDING POLICY: We provide customised solutions for all the risk-related requirements of condominium owners, with exclusive and advantageous opportunities for all administrators collaborating with companies of the group.

Utilities Management

Moon is a Group company working in the commodities sector, specifically in the activation and supply of Light, Gas and complementary products.

  • Detail
    Moon operates through a dedicated, cutting-edge portal that simplifies the tasks of Users in support of the final client. The service is available for all Group Companies, spearheaded by the Franchising Network, but also for Gabetti Home Value, Santandrea, Gabetti Lab, Monety, Abaco and Patrigest through the local branches.
    Thanks to the b2b commercial strategy, Moon Users stand out from their competitors and are a point of reference for the management of Utilities, creating numerous benefits for the main Core Business.


    • ANALYSIS: Analysis of Light and Gas bills based on institutional and commercial parameters.
    • OFFER: Search for the best solution to generate quality of service and cost savings over time.
    • CONSULTING: Constant support through dedicated consulting for both pre-sales and post-sales requirements.
    • MANAGEMENT: Periodic verification of the level of satisfaction of our services and regular updating of rates to provide maximum savings to the client.

Franchising Services

TreeRE is the services company of the Gabetti Group. With over 15 years of experience in the sector, the company is specialised in understanding and satisfying the requirements of agencies, real estate advisors and entrepreneurs, offering tailor-made solutions to strengthen their business. In a scenario filled with alternatives, TreeRE is the ideal partner for the future of real estate advisors, providing tangible support and customised solutions to achieve their objectives.

  • Detail
    Areas of specialisation

      Facilitates collaboration through agreements with select partners, ensuring significant savings and better
      operational effectiveness.
    • TOOLS
      Provides real estate advisors with a wide range of operating tools, essential for their consulting activities.
      Provides technical and operational training, as well as legal and tax assistance, to ensure constant updates and optimisation of professional expertise.

    Logo Treere

Condo Management Franchise

The first condo management franchise in Italy, with an extensive network of franchisees throughout the country. Efficient management of buildings and apartments with certified, transparent and standardised operating procedures.

  • Detail
    Areas of expertise

    • Specialised TECHNICAL TRAINING, in accordance with the provisions of Law 220/201
    • CUSTOMISED TRAINING PROGRAMME for all franchisee staff and professionals
    • Unique modular, native cloud PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE with double-entry capabilities
    • PARTNERSHIP AND DIRECT COLLABORATION with technicians and companies
    • NETWORK-WIDE AGREEMENTS with leading Italian companies providing their services to management companies, buildings and families
    • ACCESS TO THE ECOBONUS for property renovations also with the assignment of credit
    • Since 2019, a SHARED VENDOR NETWORK for the management of ordinary repairs and major maintenance work in condo properties with centralised procedures and timeframes




    A network of artisan companies operating in field of building renovation and maintenance.

    Our vendors are committed to:

    • Using agreement templates provided by Gabetti Group to create transparency with the final clients.
    • Providing information on certifications, compliance requirements and relevant professional certifications in general.
    • Responding to calls from clients and partners within the expected timeframe, in accordance with agreed policy and procedures.

    There are many advantages to joining Gabetti Lab Vendor Network:

    • Greater efficiency and productivity through the adoption of standard procedures and regulations.
    • All Gabetti Condo property managers and all partners are supplied with a dedicated software for contacting our vendors directly, thus providing vendors with the opportunity to acquire new clients.
    • Opportunity for vendors who have confirmed their availability to expand into a new geographic market thanks to the geolocation of service requests, which will also help us provide better service to all clients.


Building Renovations

Established networks of qualified construction design firms and construction and building systems companies with expertise in renovation projects. Network associates, be they contractors or professional firms, are available for on-site inspections to assess:

  • Dettaglio
    • The energy performance of homes, offices, businesses or condos as regards both heat and power systems and the building envelope
    • Whether the cost of a comfortable interior (utility cost) is financially sustainable
    • Housing needs and overall comfort requirements
    • Submission of a proposal for building improvements




    Gabetti Lab is Italy’s first and leading network of companies and professionals committed to sustainable property management. Our goal is to improve people’s quality of life by offering redevelopment and renovation services through a building bonus scheme, and value-added residential services..

    We offer clients comprehensive assistance with the building renovation bonus (through tax credit transfer). Clients will enter into a turnkey contract with our company precluding modification during construction, We may partner with leading companies acting as general contractors for clients and condos.

    Areas of expertise

    • Preliminary technical and tax feasibility analysis
    • Project analysis
    • Project fine-tuning with Clients
    • Preliminary certifications
    • Construction work
    • Selection of construction site management by clients
    • Completion certificate
    • Management of tax deductions and tax credit transfer
    • Contract precluding modification during construction and discharge of liability
    • Ecobonus: tools, methods and training for managing renovation projects


Wikicasa Real Estate Portal

Wikicasa is a PropTech company specialised in the online collection, processing and distribution of real estate information, aimed at making the purchase and sale process increasingly fast and transparent.

Optimising on technology and on a data-driven approach, Wikicasa acts as provider of real estate ads, integrated automated valuation systems (AVM) and insights on the real estate market for all players in the sector, from professionals to end users.

  • Detail
    Wikicasa offers real estate professionals the opportunity to advertise their property portfolio online on
    websites and apps, and increase visibility through digital marketing.

    Wikicasa also offers a range of services designed to support real estate professionals through all phases of the listing acquisition process, from gathering news to carrying out a valuation with the help of professional real estate tools such as “Valuta casa” and “Market Report”.

    Wikicasa also makes its Web Agency available to all agencies and real estate companies nationwide, providing them with a tool that develops customised applications, websites and digital services.

    Areas of specialisation

    • Real estate listings promotion on channels available to industry professionals only (both Wikicasa and
    • Provision of advanced digital marketing services for real estate agencies, aimed at maximising listing
      visibility on key web search engines, social networks and websites
    • Better online access to information on potential listing acquisition with the help of “Valuta casa”
    • Support to property valuation through the “Market Report” tool, aimed at optimising listing acquisition
    • Big Data processing and analysis for the creation of industry reports available to all real estate professionals
    • Development of websites and customised online services for all sector players

    Logo Wikicasa