Milan, 6 October 2022 – Smart re+new hospitality is the new service that aims to relaunch and develop Italian hotels with a focus on efficiency, an increasingly important requirement now more than ever. Created from the collaboration between the Gabetti Group, the only full service provider in the Italian real estate sector, and Studio Marco Piva, renowned architecture and design firm specialised in hotel facilities.

The service is aimed in particular at small and medium-sized facilities, situated in different urban surroundings, such as sea, mountain and lake, and also regards the smaller entities in Italy, with the goal of revitalising and redeveloping accommodation facilities to enhance and relaunch the tourism sector, one of the major drivers of our Country.

The areas in which Gabetti, in particular Gabetti Engineering, and Studio Marco Piva will provide their contribution are technical and valuation consulting, feasibility studies aimed at identifying the most suitable concept for the unique characteristics of the structure, and project design and supervision, as well as the possibility to benefit from assistance in the purchasing process, ensuring 360-degree coverage of all phases leading to redevelopment of the property.

The commitment by Studio Marco Piva was to devise a format that included three different levels of intervention, based on detailed analyses and studies, capable of revisiting the areas of the structures to provide not only a new configuration but also a renewed functional and efficient layout in line with the current trends in the sector.

“We are proud of this agreement with Studio Marco Piva – says Roberto Busso, CEO of Gabetti – as it allows us to complete our consulting for industry operators, providing a single reference point to relaunch and enhance accommodation facilities, with particular attention to energy efficiency, new trends in the sector and the new requirements of the market”.