The tourism sector is a transversal one, strongly influenced by exogenous factors of a social, economic and environmental nature that shape the underlying trends, but it is also characterised by everything that physically expresses the destination. In this scenario, Hospitality, which in fact represents the final phase of the trip, is one of the sectors that has suffered the most in terms of drop in demand and sales following the Covid-19 emergency.

Consequently, it requires more policies to support businesses, but also greater expertise and renewal capacity by operators in the sector. Apart from the short-term risks that may arise from the pandemic, the sector is particularly vulnerable to a prolonged crisis over the medium term1. This report, which is the result of many years of studies and analyses of the hospitality sector, is aimed in particular at investors and operators who intend to enhance their activities purely from a real estate standpoint.

The objective of the analysis is to identify the economic, social and environmental macro trends already underway before the pandemic which could change in the post-Covid era and which would impact the tourism sector (leisure and business), and in particular to monitor the changes already taking place in hotel supply, hypothesising the paradigms of what the future could hold in store especially in our Country.