After a continued positive trend of real estate investment in the hotel segment in 2017, during which €1.19 billion was invested, up +11.4% compared to 2016, investments recorded in 2018 amounted to about €718 million.

Rome, Palermo, Florence and Milan were the most attractive cities in 2018, with interest in the higher-end hotels in particular. However, there were also major investments in other types of accommodation, such as design hostels, which in 2018 accounted for nearly 4% of the total volume invested.

In this context, hotel facilities recorded +2.8% in terms of overnight stays in 2017 and +3.9% in arrivals, confirming the growth trend that began in 2014. Italy’s appeal is also evident in the breakdown of overnight stays, with approximately 49% of the total of 275 million originating from foreign countries.