According to Agenzia delle Entrate data, 280,970 residential transactions were completed in the first half of 2018, +5% compared to the same period of 2017. In particular, 127,277 transactions were recorded in the first quarter and 153,693 in the second quarter, respectively +4.3% and +5.6% compared to the corresponding quarters in 2017. Based on surveys by the agencies of the Gabetti, Professionecasa and Grimaldi networks, a change in prices of around -0.2% was recorded in H1 2018 compared to H2 2017. This change, which follows those of 2017 (-1%), 2016 (-1.5%), 2015 (-4%) and 2014 (-6.5%) compared to 2013, shows a gradual mitigation of the decline in prices, which were essentially stable.

In terms of sales times the average in the large cities considered remained stable compared to the prior half-year, at 4.7 months for H1 2018.

Also with regard to average discounts on the initial asking price and the price at which negotiations are concluded, the H1 2018 average remained at around 12% in the large cities.

Disbursements of home purchase loans to households in 2017 amounted to €47.7 billion, a slight decline compared to 2016, and the same trend was recorded in the first quarter of 2018, for a total of €11.2 billion (Bank of Italy data).